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Numeijer Vastgoed, a reputable real estate company, specializes in offering an exquisite selection of houses and fincas in the Costa Blanca region. With over 20 years of experience, they have established themselves as trusted experts in the local property market. Here are three key aspects that set Numeijer Vastgoed apart:

  • Diverse Property Portfolio: Numeijer Vastgoed boasts an impressive range of properties, including charming houses and picturesque fincas.
  • Expertise and Language Proficiency: Their real estate agents speak multiple languages, making the process seamless for international buyers.
  • Collaboration with ImmoAbroad: Numeijer Vastgoed is a proud partner of ImmoAbroad, enhancing their reach and resources. This collaboration allows them to provide comprehensive services, including legal advice, financial guidance, and property valuations.

For those seeking a dream home in the Costa Blanca, Numeijer Vastgoed is a reliable ally in the pursuit of exceptional real estate opportunities. 🏡🌴

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“Numeijer Vastgoed: Bridging dreams and reality in Costa Blanca. Curating diverse homes, providing personalized service, and collaborating with ImmoAbroad.” 🏡✨


“Curate diverse property portfolio. Provide personalized service. Collaborate with ImmoAbroad.” 🏡✨


“Empowering dreams through exceptional real estate experiences. Numeijer Vastgoed envisions a Costa Blanca where every home seeker finds their perfect haven.” 🏡✨

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Aptdo de Correos 137
Orihuela Costa, Spain

+34 678 268 495